Friday, July 24, 2009

Simon Says

Okay, emo day ko ngayon. Bawal kumontra (oo, martial law dito palagi).

You say I'm aggressive...
...I say I'm free-spirited

You say I'm emotional...
...I say I'm in touch with myself

You say I'm stubborn...
...I say I'm strong-willed

You say I have no credibility
...I say I know the value of owning my mistakes

You say I only see myself
...I say I have to love myself first before I could love others

You say I'm selfish
...I say I also need to protect myself at times

You say I'm dense
...I say I don't have to flaunt what I know all the time.

You say I don't know how to love
...I say I have my own way of showing love

You say I cry a lot
...I say I just know how to show emotions

You say I'm moody
...I say why hold on to an emotion longer than you should?

You say I don't understand people
...I say I can only deduce from what you show

You say I'm hard to understand
...I say I'm not aksing you to understand me

You say I'm so predictable
...I say what in this world is not predictable? People die, plants will grow, the sun would set, the moon would shine, birds would fly

You say I'm just like the others
...I say I never wished for the limelight

You say I can't be successful
...I say success is relative

You say I'm not like you
...I say I never wished to be like you because I am ME.

Oha?! Halata bang WB na naman?

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