Friday, October 14, 2011

Game Time!

Eto na naman ako, sumusulpot na parang kabute! Eto ay dahil kelangang kumayod ng aking kagandahan. kaya, ano pa hinihintay nyo, join na!


1. Create a Fan Sign about Talent Shout's Affiliate Marketing Program.

2. Fan sign should feature Talent Shout logo and should encourage people to sign up as an affiliate.

3. Once posted on your wall, do not forget to tag Talent Shout Business Consultancy.

4. Encourage your friends to like your fan sign as well as to sign up at The more likes, the closer you would be to Php 1,000.00!

5. First to get 150 likes, wins!

ONLY "LIKES" with corresponding Affiliate Subscription would be counted

O, bakit nandyan ka pa? Join na!