Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why I Love Being A Filipino

(Note: This post is not meant to belittle any race as no one is really above or lower than another. This is just a personal rave on why I love being a Filipino)

As a freelance writer, I get to work with people from different countries. This has somehow given me an insight on what makes one race/ nationality different from the other. It has also made me aware of the different things that makes someone rant or rave. For example, one online site that I belong to had people wondering why some freelance workers charge as low as $1.00 when that wouldn't have even bought you a pack of gum (I'm guessing here, not really sure how much it costs). That has got me thinking why I love being a Filipino when it comes to money matters:

1. US$1 = Php 49.00 = 1 Coke 1.5 liters/ 1-way bus ride from our house to Sta. Cruz Church (about 1 1/2 hour ride, mind you this is already an air-conditioned bus)

2. Jeepneys! I do not have to worry about the rising prices of diesel, etc. I could get from one point to the next (approx. 4 kilometers) at only Php 8.00 (US$ 0.17) with these beautiful creations :D

3. Credit Cards! If you could get credit cards in other countries even if you are just a student, here in the Philippines you would have to wait till your earning Php 120,000 per year (US$ 2,500++) and only after you have submitted several (read: more than three financial documents) to the bank.

4. Complete meal at Php 40.00 c/o Jollibee (okay, I'm not really an avid Jollibee fan. I'm more of a McDonald's type of person but this is just too neat not to mention).

5. Free TV - except if you are like me who goes nuts over CSI etc, cable TV is not something that you would NEED to have. And you don't need to have your own TV set also because you can watch TV at the bus, at your neighbor's house, and even at your local 'carinderia' (eateries).

6. No need to buy new books because you would always have Recto and BookSale where you could get secnd hand books at a much lower price.

7. Ukay-Ukay. Don't ask me what it means nor even ask me to translate it because I can't. But it is a good place to buy clothes (read: rock-bottom prices)

8. Chismis (rumors) - I don't have to buy newspapers because I could get my daily dose of news from the local bystander (and it even comes with a free 'editorial').

I wanted to include those fake ODM watches, etc. but I am not sure if that would count as something to be proud of hehehehe

Isn't it great to be a Filipino?


Sunday, November 23, 2008

James Bond Trivia Questions

How well do you know 007?

I saw this fun site about James Bond thru Digg and anyone who loves and adores (read:obsessed) James Bond should try this out. I haven't seen Quantum of Solace yet, though but I do love the ones where they had Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

read more digg story

Saturday, November 22, 2008

'I Need To Find Myself'

This has been making me absolutely nuts for the longest time now. Many relationships have ended because of this - the i-need-to-find-myself reason/ way of thinking/alibi/lame excuse that it has left me wondering, when someone says that they need to find their selves, where do they actually go? what do they do in order to find themselves? why has their self left them? If their self left them, won't it be better to seek the help of a psychologist?
Seriously, why go into a relationship if you are not sure of yourself? How can you love someone when you do not even know what you want?
And the most important question is, which came first, the chicken or the egg? would he ever come back when he has found himself?
Because of this quite shallow reason for ending a relationship, I have 'researched' about the different funny ways of saying 'it's over' (okay, so I got it from an SMS message, big deal!) and how to answer it:
1. I just realized that I don't wanna be attached - Ans: Okay, here's a staple remover
2. We aren't meant for each other - Ans: Yup, I'm meant for humans, you're meant for dogs
3. You're a great girl, but... - Ans: Aha! I knew it! You like guys also!
4. Our personalities are exact opposites - Ans: Yep, I have the personality of an angel and you are the devil's son
5. I need something new in my life - Ans: Get a new face
6. I still love my ex - Ans: (gasp) you mean somebody fell for you other than me? the world is coming to an end!
7. You'e too immature for me - Ans: Fine! I didn't know you were already 100 years old
8. If we are truly meant to be, it wouldn't matter if we are at opposite corners of the world. We would find each other - Ans: The last time I checked the world is still kinda round, stupid!


I Just Got Published!

I cannot, in all honesty, control my glee :D (see the smile?) when I found out that my article has been posted at the Inquirer web site. The title of the article is The Christmas I Want to Forget. Please check it out and let me know what you think. You can also post your comments here if you like.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Power of God and the Strength of Human Spirit

I would like to share this with everyone because this made me cry:

A son asked his father, ‘Dad, will you take part in a marathon with me?’ The father who, despite having a heart condition, says ‘Yes’. They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and son went on to join other marathons, the father always saying ‘Yes’ to his son’s request of going through the race together. One day, the son asked his father, ‘Dad, let’s join the Ironman together.’To which, his father said ‘Yes’ . For those who didn’t know, Ironman is the toughest triathlon ever. The race encompasses three endurance events of a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometer) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike ride, and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon along the coast of the Big Island Father and son went on to complete the race together. Here is their video (be sure to watch this to appreciate the story)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Are You A Freelancer?

Freelancing has been the trend lately what with the economic turmoil that most countries are experiencing. This seems to give the same quality of work without the need for additional expenses. Nowadays, when you walk down the streets, you wouldn't even realize that the kid in shirt and pants with the ipod in hand is your company's data entry specialist!

Here are some signs that would let you know if the person you're with is a freelancer:
1. Always has a laptop on hand which he/ she would open anytime he/she can find a table.
2. Drinks a lot of coffee. Being a freelancer myself, I know that two cups of coffee sometimes just don't seem enough anymore
3. Great eye bags!
4. Always has money :) especially if working for oDesk :D (hint! hint!)
5. If you're in the Philippines, you'd probably be asleep in the morning and wide awake in the evening. Talk about time difference!
6. Knows very well what Paypal, Moneybookers, SafePay, Payoneer and escrow means.

I'll update this when I see more signs but, in the meantime, why don't you share yours?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

It's already November and everyone would already be making preparations for Christmas. I was already thinking of what I would give my friends when I realized that thinking of what to give them is a hard job. A Christmas wish list would really make my work easier. SO, I made a list of what I want just in case they share the same point of view *wink *wink*
  1. An external hard drive - expensive maybe, but for someone like me who does freelance work, an extra laptop memory would not hurt
  2. Michael Buble's/ Kenny G's latest CD- it's a miracle how these guys can take away stress after a long day in front of the computer...I heart them so much
  3. Nokia E90/ iPhone - just in case they can afford it
  4. Skinny Jeans - hey, who doesn't want them free? :P
  5. Free Hair Rebond
  6. Free Body Massage
  7. Ipod Video (?)
  8. CSI/ CSI Miami/ CSI NY complete DVD collection
  9. That oDesk shirt I've been drooling on for days
  10. That CSI cap/ shirt I've been drolling on since forever