Monday, March 30, 2009

Virtual Call Center Seat For Rent

If you would like to have your own home-based call center, then we have the solution for you. Have your own virtual call center set up in a matter of minutes. All you need is a high-speed internet connection,a headset and an agent (optional! We can provide one for you!)

This package comes with VoIP capability* and CRM at just US$ 150.00 per month per seat. What's more, you can pay through PayPal US$37.50 every week. We'll take care of the loading of leads, setting up of user ids, etc.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Take on The "Nicole" Case

Many people were surprised with the recent events that have transpired about the "Nicole" Subic Rape Case. I was among those people who cannot believe that she recanted her statement after two years of claiming that she was raped (and after Smith was convicted).

A lot of things bother me about the case one of which is the fact that she went to the US without so much as taking the time to inform her then lawyer. From where I stand, it seems that Delicadeza is not one of her values.

I've done some blog-hopping to see how people feel about the sudden turn of events and I saw some posts as well as news articles about the case dating back to 2006.

One article which can be found here already indicated that her injuries are not consistent with sexual assault. This statement was given during the time Nicole (and her mother) called the prosecution panel as incompetent. This already sounded quite alarming as this contradicts her stand that she was indeed raped. Looking at it now, we probably should have listened to the doctor.

Several fora even questioned the fact that (1) she was at a bar known for being a place for people looking for a "good time"and (2) she was drinking heavily. Regardless whether she was young and was "experimenting", prudence dictates that you don't go out with people you don't know lest you court danger. Di ba nga pag bata ka pa, your parents would always warn you not to talk to strangers?

Another article, from this time, mentioned that Nicole and her family do not want to pursue the case anymore because there is no justice in the Philippines.

I, for one, do not trust our government much BUT I wouldn't say that they are the worst. No government is perfect. Heck! I would go for Philippine government anytime. I wouldn't deny that government support is lacking on her case BUT to have Smith convicted is already a point for us!

I find it difficult to digest that Nicole recanted because the government does not support her. Heck! You already got a conviction! You just need to continue fighting! Besides, would it matter if the government supports you or not? If they do, they would fight for you. If they don't, then you can show the world that Filipinas cannot be taken for granted just because no one supports them. Did the government support the case of the comfort women? To some extent, yes. But the rest of the fight lies on these comfort women themselves. Just like in the case of Nicole, the rest of the fight lies in her, not in the Philippine government. Your halfway through the battle, why waste it all by surrendering?

We were, indeed, taken for a ride! (I wonder how those people who were insistent that she was raped felt about her recantation?)


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Writing For The Cyber World

Writing an article for the web is different from writing any other type of article. Unlike articles written in print media, articles written for the web should be as short and as concise as possible. This is in keeping with web users who are always on the go and want to get information quickly.
This being said, bullet lists are more preferred in web article writing rather than large paragraph chunks. Having lists in your articles help the user to scan it quickly and know right away if this is the type of article that he or she is looking for. Putting headings is also another way of breaking down your content into easy-to-read portions.

Also, keep in mind that flowery words have no place in web article writing. Just use short and simple words so that you will not lose your target audience when he stumbles upon an unfamiliar word.

Finally, keywords are very important. You write to be read, and the only way for your article to be read is when it is found in the first place. Keywords make your articles easy to find, and hence achieve your purpose.

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