Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buying A Form-Fitting Swimwear Online

During the summer season, a lot of women are spending vacation at beaches for relaxation and enjoyment. However, one can have a bad hair day if she is not wearing a swimwear that fits her form exactly. Looking for swimsuits at local stores is great, but searching them in the Web offers a lot of various styles and price ranges. In order to avoid ruining the whole vacation just because of a misfit on swimwear, there are some guidelines for ladies on how to get swimwear online so that they can build up their poise and flaunt their bodies without getting anxious.

Typically, a lot of women will look and purchase swimwear online just because it is an eye candy and looks good on the model. However, this must not be the case of getting a swimsuit since you will be the one wearing it on the beach, not the model. So, you must pick out one that would look best on you and flatter your body type.

For instance, a lady with a large bust size should buy a swimwear that has a stronger fabric and avoid getting string bikinis, since the thin straps would not support her breasts fully. A woman with a smaller bust size can make her chest appear fuller by putting on swimwear with unnoticeable padding. A lady with a pear-shaped body, on the other hand, can make her full hips less noticeable by wearing a swimwear with a skirted bottom or a sarong worn around her waist.

Upon having known fully the kind of swimsuit that you will wear that can flatter your body type, surf the Internet and find some reputable stores that sell swimwear online, such as Jellous Swimwear. Study each style and piece carefully, and determine if you can wear it without feeling insecure.

Jellous Swimwear online store offers a lot of swimsuits that fit each body type and provide utmost support through its gel technology. Jellous make sure that each piece fits comfortably and provides adequate support and coverage. Each swimwear manufactured by Jellous is created with the highest standard of craftsmanship and from the highest quality of fabrics and materials. Plus, they all come on chic styles and designs, so women pick out swimwear that matches their body type and personality, and bask on the beach without worries.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tama Na!

Si kikayness ay sobrang pagod na these past few weeks. Waley na nga lablayp, waley pa sosyal layp, waley pa seks layp! Ang chaka ng buhay ko!

Ay saglit...sorry na-bading si kikayness. Babae nga pala si ako! bakit nga ba ako nag-post ngayon?
  • May lagnat ako?
  • May kinaiinisan na naman ako?
  • May pinaparinggan ako?
  • Nag-away na naman kami ng ex ko?

Enggg! Wrong answer!

Kaya active-active-an (may ganung term?!) na naman si Kikay ay dahil pangalawa sa huling ber na - November! Syempre, tulad ng nakagawian, panaho n naman ng Christmas Wish List. Aagahan ko na ngayon kasi walang pumatol last time. Baka ngayon, may maantig ang damdamin lalo na't ni langaw e walang nalabas sa pitaka ko. So here goes my wish list (maantig ka...ay wait, wala na palang nagbabasa sa blog ko!):

  1. iPhone 4. Sa mga hinde pa nakakaalam, namaalam na si iPhone 3Gs kaya balik ako kay Tres. I miss Iffy :(
  2. iPad or iPod Touch. Oo, balak kong maging endorser o kaya stock holder ng Apple
  3. Diablo 3 na hinde pa ata nailalabas hanggang ngayon dito sa 'Pinas.
  4. One day na pahinga (ako lang ata ang pwedeng magbigay nito sa sarili ko)
  5. Pig out ulit sa Dad's (paging Renan, please proceed to Makati)
  6. Pugad Baboy, latest edition. Sa sobrang tagal ko nang hinde nakakatungtong ng National Bookstore, hinde ko na alam kung nasa anong number na ang Pugad Baboy

Hayyyy.....nasa may citiland po yung box na pwede nyong paglagyan ng regalo nyo sa'kin. (Oo, hiniram ko pa ito kay Jollibee...hinde mo na-gets? Nebermayn!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choose Fashion Swimwear That Will Flatter Your Body

There are three things that all women would agree about clothes and fashion. The first thing is that fashion is everything; the clothes we wear give us confidence and the last thing is that women in nature are vain and what we wear defines us. The same thing can also be said with the tiniest article of clothing that we own: swimwear.

The thing is, they do not just have to fit, they also need to be fashionable and make us look good at any angle because onlookers are everywhere. However, we cannot really look good at any angle unless we have paid thousands for cosmetic surgery. The truth is, no one is really perfect, but we can enhance our assets and hide our imperfections just the same. This can be done by choosing the right fashion swimwear that we will don once summer kicks in.

For girls who think that they are too thin wearing swimsuits, bold, bigger prints in bright colors is the answer; while smaller prints with darker colors work for women who are bigger. Prints are very powerful because they can play tricks on the onlooker's eyes, so just know the right combination of prints and colors that will work for your body type.

Larger women are advisable to wear one piece fashion swimwear especially if they have love handles they need to hide in the tummy area. Likewise, girls who have hourglass figure also look good in one piece because it accentuates their body. For women who have larger breasts, swimsuits that have bigger support on the bikini top will work so they won't look like they step out from Playboy's pages. The good thing is that Jellous, a swimsuit company, offers a vast collection of fashion swimwear that they choose from depending on their body type.

This type of fashion swimwear, however, is more on the fashion side of the fence. If you are going for a dip, then look for one piece suits and pair it with swimming shorts especially if you would be doing other activities. Your goal would have to be function over fashion. Jellous also sell these kinds of stuff.

Finally, do not just opt for a swimwear company that you have heard of. Aside from malls, online shops like Jellous also have swimwear that will best fit your body. They are more affordable so you can have more than one swimwear as you please. Just remember that the most fashionable thing during summer aside from having swimwear is that you feel confident and hot on your bikini and it will really transcend into high fashion.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Horse Weathervane Gallops in Popularity

Even before we had thermometers, barometers, and anemometers; and long before we had weathermen to rely on weather reports, weathervanes are already there to help in measuring the weather condition. Although weathervanes offer a simple way of seeing where the wind is blowing, it was as helpful as it can be, especially for farmers who need to know which direction their crops would most likely fluorish.

Today, we can find weathervanes everywhere. They do not just serve as weather instruments, they also take the form of decorations that give more depth and tradition to a home. They can be normally found atop cupolas, as centerpiece in gardens, and as tabletops that give personality to your interior.

Weathervanes are not just the rooster weathervanes we see on top of our roofs. They can be of other designs such as pigs, arrows, and baseball players. Horse weathervane can also be found in different forms, sizes, and materials. The most popular, however is the prancing or running horse.

The silhouettes of horse weathervane were copied from race horses with their own running styles. The Blackhawk horse weathervane is one of the most popular weathervanes in the market today. There are also other weathervane manufacturers that make their own horse weathervane variations like the horse through hoops, leaping, running, and leaping horse.

Reasons vary why this type of weathervane is popular. The most popular reason though is that there are lots of horse lovers out there; and if they will purchase weathervanes, then they will get them with horses on top. As horse lovers, it would be something that is an addition to their collection.

Apart from using them as weathervanes, you can also use them as a finishing touch to your wall. They also go well as lamp fixtures.

If you want to have one of these horse weathervanes, you can check out Prairie Rose Country. They make the best handcrafted horse weathervane that will look perfectly on any location that you wish to put it. They also make 3D weathervanes that look better than 2D.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Pagoda-top, Victorian, or a Traditional American?

Your cupola has a “personality”, as cupolas are deeply steeped with tradition and history throughout their forms and styles. Cupolas can be anything, such as a pagoda-top cupola from the Far East, a Victorian cupola from The Isles, or a countryside cupola from the Continent. Such styles could be a great complement for your rooftop, which could be catwalks, belvederes, domes, or even miniature lighthouses or belfries mounted on the top of you house. Material to be used for building a cupola on your roof can vary on the style of the cupola that you plan to construct.

It was in the early part of the eighth century when the first cupolas are stipulated as an architectural structure and design. Islam incorporated cupolas on mosques and other religious buildings, adorning the top of the towers. As Islam reaches Europe, churches soon integrated cupolas into their architectural designs. A striking example is the Saint Basil’s Cathedral at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. When the cupolas were adopted by the Englishmen, it was soon shipped out to the Americas and was later attributed to the country life.

Even though the cupola appears to be mostly ornamental, it does not limit itself on being a decorative structure on the rooftop and at the garden. It also provide practical uses, such as it can offer additional ventilation for house that allows excess heat to escape, natural source of lighting to reduce power consumption, and if possible, it can be used as an additional room or storage space.

In order to find the right style of cupola for you, first, you have to determine the overall motif of your house. This will set the style for your cupola to be put on your roof top. If you live in an English-style house, a Victorian cupola will fit best on your rooftop; if you have a traditional American home, then country cupola would be ideal; or if you own a Chinese-inspired residence, a pagoda-top cupola is perfect to adorn your roof.

Then, settle on the materials that you will use for the structure, depending on the style of the cupola you have in mind. But mostly, each Victorian, American, or pagoda-top cupola uses a common material, which is wood. Thus, you will automatically have wood in your shopping list.

Lastly, if you look forward for your cupola to be installed properly, you could opt for Prairie Rose Country to have your Victorian, American, or pagoda-top cupola well-built and mounted on your rooftop or on your gazebo. This will give you a home makeover with a much more than satisfactory result.