Monday, November 30, 2009


Alam mo ang nakakainis pag masyado kang na-iisip? Naiisip mo pati mga bagay-bagay na nakaraan na tapos maiisip mo rin yung naramdaman mo dati. Tapos makikiayon pa sa'yo ang panahon at pag-bloghop mo, may mga kahindik-hindik kang bagay na makikita. At dahil sa hinde mo masabi nang matino at may kung anong pwersang pumipigil sa'yo, dadaanin ko na lang sa tula:

The words that you say today
Will spell your future's path
And any letter that you've put forward
Will make another soul react
And whatever hate you spill today
Will resonate even tomorrow
For the spite you have for another person
Ends not when both your tongues' have worn
And what you've written cannot be changed
Nor what you have said can be erased
For no man can ever forget
That hate that you have engaged

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Believe...

I believe that:

  1. There is a God for it would take a Supreme Being to save me from that fatal accident in 2004
  2. There is magic during Christmas time because even the grouchiest person I know is all smiles during this time and, believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the receiving of gifts but with the GIVING.
  3. There are ghosts. Nakakakita ako e.
  4. There are angels for no wind can carry me nor my nephew safely to the ground tuwing mahuhulog kami sa kama.
  5. Man is essentially good except when you take away his most precious and most revered possession.
  6. True financial freedom defined as being free from any worries about what you have to pay and where you have to get your next pamasahe or pangkain is a hoax. You only stop worrying about money when you are dead. However, proper financial management is something that everyone should do.
  7. Hinde lahat ng may business ay mayaman. Minsan, palagi kang breakeven lang lalo na't nagsisimula ka lang.
  8. Lack of jobs is not our country's most pressing problem. We have lots of jobs. The problem lies in finding people qualified. Ergo, what we need is quality education.
  9. You should not use poverty as an excuse para magbenta ng laman. There are other ways to earn money without losing your dignity.
  10. The things you do today would have an impact on your tomorrow so make sure that you plan and live your life well.
  11. When all else fail, a prayer uttered from the heart can save your day.
  12. What you have, you hone it and you share it. Remember the parable of the talents? God did not give you a strong mind to keep to yourself. E di sana ginawa ka na lang nyang halaman?!
  13. Everything...EVERYTHING...happens for a reason. It might not be apparent now but soon you would realize what the reason is.
  14. The people that make up the Church are sinners since they are also human (Read: priests, popes, ministers, etc.) but that doesn't mean that the Church is based on lies. Analogy: Just because a teacher raped a student doesn't mean that all teachers are rapists and that the whole concept of education is all about sex and violence.
  15. You CANNOT please everybody. If you want to please everybody and be friends with everybody, you have to do some thinking. Uhm, baka nawawalan ka na ng sarili mong uniqueness at nakiki-ride ka na lang sa lahat ng tao. Soon, you'd find yourself being pushed aside.
  16. You CANNOT have someone forgive AND forget what you've done. God gave us the ability to hold memories so that we could learn from our mistakes - both your and the person you have offended. Whether that learning is about letting go of someone or accepting the other's shortcomings is something that you have to figure out.

Rhona po para sa pagka-Pangulo So bakit ako naglista nyan? At banal-banalan pa?! Baliw kasi 'tong si Father Anthony at si Bro at si Santino. Paiyakin daw ba ako?! Akala ko patay na si Father Anthony....sakit tuloy ng mata ko ngayon.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Maguindanao Massacre - Update

I was supposed to make a post about ten movies I keep watching over and over and what I have learned from them. Unfortunately, I can't because right now, I am so seething with anger after what happened in Maguindanao.
Call me crazy but yeah, I take things like these very seriously to the point that I dream about it/ them whenever I go to sleep.
The pictures that came with the news shouldn't shock me as I am used to seeing dead, decapitated, lasug-lasog bodies courtesy of Documenting Reality, but it did. The brutality by which the killings were done was something that I thought could never happen here in the Philippines. One of the victims had her private parts slashed a number of times and then a bullet was fired through it. The breasts were shot, the feet cut off. They also shot her through the mouth. This victim was Vice Mayor Mangudadatu's wife.
There were also reports that some of the women were raped. Aside from that, a convoy of NGOs that happened to pass by that area (and had no links to the Mangudadatu's) were also killed.
What happened in Maguindanao and how fast they could deal with it will definitely have an impact on the present administration's image (including Gibo's image since he if the admin's standard bearer). Yun nga lang, I'm afraid that they would just seek for a fall guy just so they could show to the world that they were doing something.
57 dead bodies, a backhoe bearing Ampatuan's name, suspicious characters asking the front desk of a hotel the names of the journalists, Mangudadatu's wife last call specifically pointing to Ampatuan's involvement...I am not sure what else to think but these circumstantial evidences may already be enough to at least invite the Ampatuan's for questioning.
...and will someone please tell that the Globe pop-up advertisement in their site sucks? It is very irritating! I'm reading an article and then suddenly you have those Globe ads blocking the news article for 10 seconds. It might seem to be a short time but 10 seconds is still 10 seconds. Don't these guys know that the fastest way to lose a reader online is to have pop-up ads?
  1. Ampatuan blames the MILF for the massacre. Unfortunately, it was Mangadadatu's wife who positively identified him as the perpetrator during a phone call to her husband before she got killed.
  2. I saw a blog that somehow corrected some misconceptions about the killing. However, I do believe that this massacre is considered to be horrendous not because of the number of journalists that got killed but because of the number of INNOCENT PEOPLE who got killed, regardless whether they are journalists or women or drivers, over a short period of time. This massacre has NOTHING to do with religion.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Last emo/rant post na... up muna ako para mag-isip pano ang tamang paraan sa pagkatay ng tao

....mahirap ipaliwanag...sabihin na lang natin na bumabalik na naman pagiging man-hater ko. Oo, dati na akong man-hater. Hinde lang halata, pero yung iilang ka-close ko talaga, alam nila yun. Wak mag-alala, hinde naman ako nangangagat. Sa mga sandaling ito gusto kong ipa-kulam ang sambayanang kalalakihan. Mahabang istorya.

Bakit nga ba?

Bakit nga ba may mga lalaking malalantod? May gf na maghahanap pa ng iba? Wala raw gusto pero nanghaharot? Bakit nga ba may mga lalakeng sinungaling? Buking mo na, lulusot pa. Ano naman akala nyo sa mga babae, tanga? E kung sa nanay nyo nga hinde kayo makalusot e. Bakit nga ba may mga lalakeng wala nang inatupag kundi ipahiya yung mga babae sa paligid nila? Close ba tayo at kilala mo ba akong maige para ipahiya mo ako? Hinde dahil minsan akong nagka-crush sa'yo, alam mo na ang takbo ng buhay ko. Bakit nga ba may mga lalakeng ang utak e nasa pagitan ng binti nila? Bakit may mga lalakeng hinde marunong magpahalaga? Yung nahihirapan dahil sa kanila, hinde nila pinapansin. Pero pag naipit naman sila, pag nangangailangan, dun sila unang tumatakbo. Kumusta naman yun?!

...grrrr...o tigilan mo ako sa "Let go" at "intindihin" portion. Sa sobrang pagintindi ko sa ibang tao pwede ko nang kalabanin si Mother Theresa. Panay na lang intindi pero pag ako naman, hinde maintindihan. And don't tell to let go. Hinde mo alam ang puno't dulo, okay?

Hayyyy.....high blood, kumukulot ang na-rebond na buhok...naniningkit ang mata...nagsasalubong ang kilay


Magtino sa pagco-comment at nasa WWIII mode ako

Saturday, November 21, 2009

FaceBook Status Updates

If you want to see the original post, go to:

Hinde mo na-gets? Andyan si Pareng Google. Basta ako, natawa ako.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kikay Goes...Errr....Highblood?

Kung madalas ka dito, alam mong nagdo-double post lang ako pag mainit ang ulo ko.

Pacquiao won. I know. I wasn't interested actually in watching it but, what can I do? Facebook was filled with updates that watching it would seem ridiculous (for me, at least). I swore I would not write about Pacquiao anymore. Yeah, he's one of the best boxers (I still stand by what I believe in, he's not the only one and he's not a great athlete. There's a difference.) but the last time I wrote about him, his rabid fans never got past the title and started commenting about how they pity me because I'm not Filipino enough to appreciate what Pacquiao has done for the country.

Me? Not Filipino enough? If you only knew what my middle name and my lolo's middle name signify!

I'm not a Pacquiao fan, so sue me but that doesn't mean I don't acknowledge the passion in him and the brains that he and his coach has got for coming up with a good fight plan that has enabled him to win 7 titles in 7 different divisions.

Just a while ago I read something about what we will do when Pacquiao retires. I personally believe that somewhere along the way, someone will rise to the challenge and be more than what Pacquiao could be. The problem lies in whether the Philippine government would show support. As it is, I'm not entirely sure if Pacquiao's rise to fame was brought about by government support. What I do know is that Pacquiao and his manager, his coach, the people who handle his fights are not really from the government; which makes me wonder if Onyok Velasco or some other boxer would have reached the same heights as Pacquiao did if Freddie Roach was their coach.

Back to the topic:

The article was quite well-written. It even ended with a line about how the Pacquiao-Cotto fight and Pacquiao's success in winning 7 titles were stuff that you could pass down to your grandchildren with much pride. What I find appalling was how some people reacted to what was a seemingly innocent comment:

TM said that the Pacquiao-Cotto fight was a no-brainer since (as I understand it) Cotto was already sluggish from all of the dieting he has to do just to go down to Pacquiao's weight.

Now, I don't know about you but since when is voicing your opinion a basis for calling someone "stupid" and "ulol"? Since when is voicing an opinion tantamount to being an over-rated Filipino? Why the need to gang up on him? Why the need to call him a cry baby? Why the need to say that he has no brains? It might be a no-brainer fight for him because, in truth, Cotto, just like Morales, was actually slowed down by weight lost. Now, if you're going to counter that, at least give an objective answer and not resort to just calling someone stupid.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rhona-isms # 5

There is no such thing in this world that is pure evil or pure goodness. All things are created with dual nature. There is light, there is darkness. There is sweetness, there is bitterness. There is pain, there is joy. Oftentimes, what gives something a definition is your own perception of it. The glass maybe half-empty for you but for me, it is full.
what do you think?
...errr....buhay pa ako

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Busy Bee

Maaaring nagtataka ka bakit napakadalang ko nang mag-post. Pasensya naman, medyo marami akong kinakatuwaan ngayon (bukod kay Iffy the iPhone and Tres the Treo). Una sa lahat ay ang pag-aayos ng mga web site:

Ehem! Bago mo pa maisip na ako ang nag-design nyan from scratch, inuunahan na kita. Templates lang ang ginamit ko tapos binutingting (at binubutingting) ko na lang yan para magkaron ng sariling identity. Mahirap din yun ha?! Kelangan may background ka sa HTML, PHP at ABC (ay slow, hinde na-gets! bwahahahahaha)

Bukod dyan, uhm, busy din po kasi ako kay pareng oDesk at kay parent Talent Shout Clients kaya naman yung natitira kong RBC e nag-walk out na. Try mo akong i-text ng ala-3 ng madaling araw, sasagot pa rin ako kasi dilat na dilat pa ako ng mga sandaling yun.

Busy din pala ako sa aking mga ka-weirduhan. Kung dati-rati sa The Thanatos lang ako naglalagi, ngayon may mas weird pa akong pinupuntahan - Documenting Reality: Faces of Death. Ooopppsss...walang link. Bakit? Masyado syang gross na baka sampahan nyo ako ng demanda pag nilagay ko link. I-Google nyo na lang if nais nyo pa rin syang marating. Gano ka-gross kamo? Pictures yan ng mga nasagasaan, napatay, na-rape, nasabugan ng bomba, etc. ACTUAL PICTURES. Nasa ka-weirduhan na rin naman ako, uhm, sinong gustong sumama sa'kin na mang-hunting ng libingan (preferably male, tall, dark and handsome nyahahahaha)? Hinde na kasi updated yung isa kong blog at yung aking kinakaladkad para sa mga ganong eksena e uber busy din kaya hinde ako masamahan. On sekontot, busy din nga pala ako. Nyemas!

Segue: Dapat pala nung undas ko pinost ito

At syempre, busy din ako sa pagpapataas ng level sa Mafia Wars. Sa mga neighbors ko sa Farmville, I'm back (with vengeance)! Naka-level up na ulit ako kagabi at natanggal ko na ang aking mga withered pananim. Sa mga kasosyo ko sa Cafe World, next time ko na aayusin yan (pati na rin sa Barn Buddy).

Weno ngayon sa'yo kung ito pinagkakaabalahan ko? Wala lang, gusto ko lang updated ka. Wapakels ka? O e ba't ka andito? (Ay nagtataray!) Jokeness! Wala lang talaga akong mai-blog hehehehehe

Monday, November 9, 2009

Malamig Ang Simoy Ng Hangin

Yep, it's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Nagkalat na ang Christmas lights sa Quiapo at malapit na rin magliyab sa tindi ng ilaw ang ilan sa mga kapitbahay namin, yung tipo bang hinde mo na kelangang pumunta ng Star City kasi sa kanila pa lang, mabubulag ka na sa dami ng ilaw.

Masayang malungkot na naman ang Paskong 'to. Masaya kasi may reason na naman ako para gumastos (kaya pakabait kayo nyahahahahaha). Malungkot kasi pangalawang Pasko namin ito na wala na ang pinakamamahal kong lolo. Ang masaklap pa, hinde ko na kasi sya napapanaginipan. Hayyyy.....tahimik na nga sya talaga.

Kung nung huling Pasko e marami akong sama ng loob, ngayon panay saya. Hinde ko akalaing sa pagbo-blog ko pala mahahanap yung peace of mind at trustworthy friends na matagal ko nang hinahanap. Sino bang magaakala na yung mga simpleng batuhan pala namin ng comments e magiging daan para sa isang kakatuwang pagkakaibigan? Alam kong alam nyo kung sino kayo, salamat. Shekisprens, EB prens, prenli pren - aylabshuol!

So bakit ako nagda-drama?

Nope, hinde pa ako mamatay bukas. Nagpaparamdam lang ako para saka-sakaling nagpe-prepare na kayo ng Christmas gifts e hinde nyo ako makalimutan bwahahahahaahahah

Friday, November 6, 2009

1 Year Na Ako

Tingnan mo nga naman yan! Ambilis ng panahon. Hinde ko akalaing naka-isang taon na rin pala ako sa aking sideline. Oo, bukod sa Talent Shout, ako po ay isang dakilang international julalay ng mga puti. Ako ang kanilang taga-blog, taga-gawa ng articles, taga-comment sa ibang blog, taga-encode, taga-edit, taga-rewrite, taga-sagot ng email, taga-ayos ng site, taga-research, at kung ano pang marangal na "taga" na maiisip nyo. Lahat ng ito ay dahil sa oDesk (i-click mo ang link kung nais moring kumita ng malaki).

Nang magsimula ako sa oDesk, tatanga-tanga pa ako hinde ko naisip na magiging pangmatagalan ito. Medyo lost ang utak ko kasi noon e. Hinde ko malaman kung maghahara-kiri na ba ako, pupunta ng Oman, magbi-business o papakasalan si John Lloyd. Jokeness!

Eshuli kaya lang naman ako napa-oDesk kasi namatay ang lolo ko. Hinde naman kami naghihirap noon kaya lang wala kasi akong mapaglibangan habang nagbabantay sa kanya (baka kasi tumayo sya bigla at layasan kami...joke lang 'Tay! Wag mo kong mumultuhin). Kakasearch ko ng kuna ano-ano (walang kasamang porn), napadpad ako sa oDesk. Syempre hinde agad ako kumagat. Mahirap na noh?! Baka magpagod ako para sa wala. Akalain mong sangkatutak na Pinoy na pala ang naka-sign up doon?! E di syempre go na rin ang lola nyo.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Ngayon, hinde na ako masyadong pagod, hawak ko ang oras ko at pwede akong maglakwatsa anytime eto ang dahilan kung bakit hinde ako maka-blog madalas at pati ang niluluto ko sa Cafe World at mga pananim ko sa FarmVille e wala na. Nyemas! Ahek! Joke lang! Enjoy pa rin naman. Madami akong nakilalang clients na ngayon e kliyente na rin ng Talent Shout.

Haaayyyy...tingnan mo nga yan, ambilis talaga ng panahon.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hinde ko maintindihan bakit:
  1. Sunod-sunod ang bagyo sa Pilipinas? Signos na ba ito? Kelangan ko na ba talaga mag-asawa?
  2. Mahilig ang mga lalake sa malalaki ang boobs? Magkano ba palaki ng boobs kay Calayan?
  3. Lahat ng nagte-text sa'kin para mag-inquire sa Talent Shout e "Sir" ang bungad?
  4. Hinde naga-update ang blogroll ko? E lahat pa man din yun updated?
Alam mo ba ang sagot?


Dahil nga hinde naga-update ang nyemas na blogroll, nais ko sana kayong imbitahan sa aking alternate world: