Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Thankless Job

Break muna sa mga emo at rant posts.

Last August 20, our HR egroup had its very first EB. Actually, yung iba magkakakilala na since some of us were also members of other HR egroups. It was a fun night, one that totally allows us to forget na HR kami. Masaya kasi naglabasan lahat ng mga tinatagong kalokohan especially nung mga seasoned HR professionals na. It was also a time for giving due recognition to some of the "forces" to be reckoned with when it comes to our profession - Mr. Ernie Espinosa, Mr. Danilo Pancho, Mr. James Estrada, Mr. Bong Tamayao, and Mr. Nato Lao.

During the EB, we had HR managers and executives from companies such as Edward Keller, Fujitsu, Han Kyu, Transitions, ePerformax, California Pizza Kitchen, Melaware, and Lamco. Hinde ko na maalala pa yung ibang companies.

Isa ang HR profession sa mga thankless jobs. HR bridges the gap between the upper management and the rank and file. HR people are often seen as pro-management. In reality (although this might not hold true for all HR), more often than not, pag nakasara na ang pinto at meeting na ng mga executives, it's the HR people who defend the employees. Pero syempre, pag mali ang empleyado, the most that we could do is to ensure that there is due process.

Mahirap maging HR especially if you're after fame or fortune. Wala nun sa HR. You must have the heart for helping others and you must have the conviction to do what is right kahit na hinde yun ang gusto ng karamihan. Yun ang pinakamasakit na parte lalo na if it involves someone close to your heart. Naalala ko tuloy biruan noon nung nasa Hyundai pa ako. Bawal daw ako ligawan kasi mate-terminate yung manliligaw. May jinx ba.

HR is more than recruitment. HR is about growing people, helping them to realize their potentials. From what you wear to how you do things, HR would most probably have a hand in that. When you are in HR, expect mo na na mas mauuna pang a-promote yung na-hire mo. In HR, you have to assume a number of personalities para lang maintindihan mo ang mga employees. You need to be a mother, a friend, an enemy, a disciplinarian. Stressful na trabaho sya - you get death threats, your private life is put under microscope, your every move is being watched. Any mistake could be blown out of proportion.

Ang mga nasa HR ay tao rin, no less than the people in the operations, in Accounting, in Customer Service. Whatever hurts you, could hurt us too. Hinde rin sa lahat ng panahon tama kami at hinde sa lahat ng panahon, mature kami mag-isip. May emo moments din kami. May mga times din na our emotions get the better of us. After all, tao rin lang kami.

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