Friday, August 21, 2009

The Boiling Point

I've written so many times about the things I hate that you would think people who regularly read this blog would already know when to stop and when to continue doing some things. Unfortunately, that is not the case....which leads me to what I am feeling right now.

This week is a very stressful one for me - deadlines, work, insensitive people, etc. Don't get me wrong, I can still crack a joke (okay, don't expect me to be cracking the funniest joke), you can still ask for my help...but don't expect me to show patience. So, just to let off steam, let me just list down what's been making me lose my cool this week:
  1. People who react without reading. This happened at Barrio Siete. There were two people who went about calling the writers of Barrio Siete as bitches, sore losers, etc. Nakakainis! These two people did not even read the posts listing down the evidences of anomaly in the EIB Awards.
  2. (Also inspired by Barrio Siete) People who think that posts in gay speak are not worth reading. Although it is very tempting to judge someone based on what you read, what you see only a part of that person, the tip of the iceberg as the expression goes. You haven't been with the person 24/7 for you to just go about bitchin' about him or her. For all you know, that person might be greater than you. A blog is one avenue for expression. What you say or how you say it can either be who you really are or someone you wish to be. A person who is shallow and corny and depressing and bitchy in a blog can turn out to be someone who is serious, logical and shy in real life.
  3. No show. When you commit to something, make sure you do it. Kung nagsabi kang sasama ka at biglang may nangyaring hinde inaasahan, magsabi ka AGAD. Don't wait for the day to arrive and tawagan ka ng mga kasama mo before informing them na hinde ka pwede or na hinde na tuloy yung lakad nyo. Hinde lang oras mo ang importante.
  4. Overly sympathetic people who are not really sympathetic but are just there to get the latest buzz. Please! I can smell your pretentiousness from here.
  5. People who seem to be clueless about what the Golden Rule is. Believe me, karma happens. Remember what they say about making a girl cry?
  6. When I say zip it, I mean just that - zip it! Shut up!
  7. When I say it's over, it's over, past, done with, the end. There's no sense in bringing it up again because it would only re-open old wounds.
  8. I'm not a mind-reader so don't expect me to know what's going on in your mind. You have to tell me what you want. And don't beat around the bush, just say it!

Like what I always say, I'm not good with anger management. Without this blog, I would just be keeping everything inside which is bad because people who just bottle things up eventually explode. I am actually nearing my threshold right now, ergo this blog. Thankfully, I was able to momentarily forget about these pet peeves a while ago when I joined other HR people for our group's first ever night-out.

So for now, tread carefully.

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