Monday, May 11, 2009

This Is Me

After being awake for 24 hours, I realized one thing - I could be weird sometimes (or this could also be the effect of staying wide awake). Nope, I'm not on drugs. I just had to finish some work and before I knew it, it was already 11:00 am plus the neck is still hurting :(

So, as a form of break from all this paper work, I decided to list things about myself:
  1. I enjoy the smell of gasoline, burning leaves and wood, those spices that Arab women use for their "luban", Safeguard regular, rain and my ex's cologne (anuber?! ex na naman?!)
  2. I hate answering the phone. I'm not a phone-person, if ever there's such. I would rather we communicate through email or chat or text. If you try calling me and you are not my father, my mother, my sister, my brother or my ex, chances are I won't answer your call.
  3. When it comes to love, I am the hope-against-hope type. I do not let go easily even if he has two-timed me :( Good because I have given the person a chance to redeem himself, bad because it makes him more maangas and would two-time me again.
  4. I still believe in fairy tales and happy endings. I cry easily when I read about how couples met, proposal stories, etc. which is also why I don't attend weddings. Weddings make me cry.
  5. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to PC games. I still have to master Diablo II (and 'm eagerly waiting for Diablo III).
  6. I have more male friends than female friends. I don't know why. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I hate people who are maarte.
  7. Contrary to the handle I use in GTM, I am more of a cowboy than a kikay. I think the years of having mostly male friends have something to do with it. I wear whatever I want not because it's the fad but because I feel comfortable wearing it. I do not make "pakipot" when I eat. I can finish 5 to 7 cups of rice when stressed out. I normally eat 2 cups of rice per meal. It's a good thing I have a very fast metabolic rate although adding on a few pounds wouldn't hurt either. Unfortunately, I don't know how to cook. My "expertise" is limited to Lucky Me Pancit Canton (uy, commercial!), cup noodles, ginisang sardinas, ginisang Hakone mackerel, sinigang na baboy, fried eggs and hotdog.
  8. I love to eat pasta, sinigang na baboy, sinigang na hipon, ginisang sardinas, noodles with egg, hotdog and sea food. Because of my never-ending search for good food, I know where to find most of the good eateries and restaurants in Metro Manila.
  9. I only watch TV for 5 reasons - CSI (all three), TV Patrol, Ben 10, House and HBO. I only watch movies if it's suspense-thriller, horror (really gory ones), comedy-action, has John Lloyd in it (Lio, bawal kumontra!). Aside from psych text books, I read books whose author is any of the following- Agatha Christie, Christopher Pike and RL Stine. I also read books that are about mysteries and murder (katakot noh?!) and, of course, Harry Potter.
  10. I had suitors before who thought na they could sweep me off my feet with their pricey gifts and bling bling. Of course, mali sila. Although hinde halata, I am actually an easy-to-please person. Simple things can make me happy.

Side note:

I really need to forget my ex. I cannot be the Department of Labor anymore. Unfortunately, like what I said, I'm not good at letting go. So, nanawagan po ako sa mga nabuburyong sa kani-kanilang tahanan (mga friends ko lang), GALA TAYO! Samahan nyo akong magreklamo tungkol sa buhay-buhay.

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  1. Hmmm.. parang seryosong usapan to ah! teka balik ako dito mamya.. antok na ko eh! Have a great day Kikay!

  2. Thanks Mon!

    Oo seryosohang usapan 'to...dayo ka muna dito Manila, gala tayo...need to unwind very badly...nakakaburyong dito sa bahay hehehehe

  3. hi ate hehe..:)
    boring ka boring din ako dito sa work hehe..
    samahan sana kita kaso may trabaho hehe..
    pwede kang bumisita dito,kung gusto mo rin mag swimming pwede hhehe..
    ayan nagyaya agad eh noh hehe,..ngayon lang naman ako nabisita hehe..
    move forward ate hehe..:)
    links din kita..

  4. tenchu tenchu sa pagdaan....hayy...ang makapangyarihang "move forward"...ewan ko ba, kahirap! wala kasing matinong closure e pero di bale, kakarmahin din un hehehehe

  5. 1. adik! nyahahaha!
    2. apir! ako rin. ayoko ng tinatawagan ako kung hindi rin lang naman kita ka-close. lolz!
    3. ang mga martir ngayon, binabaril sa bagumbayan.
    4. ako hindi. period. no erase.
    5. ako rin. hehehe.
    6. baka naman lalake ka talga. nagpapanggap ka lang. ahehehe.
    7. nag hirap mong i-date kung ganun. magastos kang lumamon eh. nyahahaha!
    8. ginutom naman daw ako bigla o.
    9. jlc na naman?! panot. chicago bulls. nagpapakyu. nyahahaha!
    10. huwaw! at nag-balance pala ung paglamon mo sa pagiging matipid mo sa mga gifts ng suitors. hehehe.

  6. Lio,

    @3 kaya wala ka pang gf
    @4 kaya wala ka pang gf
    @7 kaya wala ka pang gf
    @9 kaya hinde ka na magkakaron ng gf

    jowk! ang gusto ko talaga sabihin:
    @3 wla e, mapagmahal akong nilalang
    @4 nakakatakot naman if naniniwala ka sa fairy tales. Ano ka si Papa P?!
    @7 sows, pwede namang sa karinderia. Besides, hinde ako nagpapalibre :)
    @8 kumain!
    @9 sori ka, naging partner na nya si Sarah Geronimo ikaw, hinde pa
    @10 a xempre...sabi sa'yo hinde high maintenance

  7. alam ko anong solusyon nyan, you have to find another boylet. start dating again. go and fish! :D fish as many as you can and pick the best one, hindi lang para makalimutan mo ang ex mo para rin sa sarili mo. ;)

    affear sa 2! affear din kay agatha christie, she's may favorite author of all time which reminds me to return one of her books to the library na nasa akin for 5 months now.

  8. oo nga e...kaya eto, kelangan kong ire-invent (may ganun?!) ang aking sarili at lumabas nang mas madalas-dalas :)

    Dami kong Agatha Christie na pocket books. Let me know if may hinahanap kang title, padala ko sau :) (o d ba, close agad!)