Friday, May 8, 2009

Shut up or Stand Up?

One of the Yahoo Groups that I belong to is currently right smack in the middle of a storm, ergo, this post.

I was never an active part of that group, not because I find the group not worth my time but because, since it is a professional group, I feel I should share my thoughts only if I am 100% sure that what I have to share is correct. Unfortunately, some members of the group went overboard and started harassing (in my opinion) some of the forum members. It was quite sad because newer members of the forum felt that there is some hostility in the forum and that you cannot just outright express what you feel. So I've decided to write down some things that a newbie should keep in mind when it's their first time to work:

  1. Observe people first before expressing what you feel. Shooting from the hip is never a good thing especially if you are new. People would see you as impulsive and some of them might not be forgiving.
  2. Office Romance is never a good thing ESPECIALLY if you are in HR. Been there, done that. People would use that against you and no matter what you do, people would see it as a biased move.
  3. Research, research, research. Do not face your boss ill-prepared especially when you are presenting reports. Make sure every figure in your report, every sentence has a justification. Do not just say "survey says". Quote the source.
  4. Ask. If you do not know what to do, it is better to ask your boss than try to work on things you know nothing about. Ask your boss first before anybody else. It is disrespectful to skip your boss.
  5. If it concerns work, your boss should know about it. That way, no matter what happens, your boss can cover for you.
  6. If you're not happy with what you're doing, leave. This might not be the best thing to do but you would cause more damage if you continue working on something half-heartedly. Forget pride, forget revenge. If you are not happy with your office mates, with your salary, with your boss, with your company's culture, and you are sure that you cannot do anything about it, leave.
  7. Do not stagnate. Look for trainings that you can attend, read a book, browse web sites,join groups or fora.
  8. If you are in HR, the lesser you disclose about your emotions, the lesser chances of employees using that against you. Mingle with them, emphatize with them, get to know how they feel BUT keep your professional distance.
  9. Give credence to the wisdom of old age without sacrificing your creativity.
  10. Do not burn bridges. The butt that you kick today might be the same butt that you would need to kiss tomorrow.

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  1. i totally with all the things you listed here, rhona. so far 10 out of 10 ang score ko... hehehe!

    this list is really very helpful to all newbies :)

  2. thanks winkie...based on experience lahat yan...hehehee...i wish someone had made that list when I was a newbie...oh well, at least I learned my lesson.

  3. so the tips, are they for the newbie forum members or for the bitchy forum mods? sorry, am quite confused. haha!

    guess that's why i'd never join a forum. call me a bastard but i think just because the mod has the power to regulate things, they feel they've got some megalomaniac deity capacity to diss people in their domains. heck, if i were in the newbie member's shoes, i'd give the mod a piece of my mind. just so he knows people can't always be bossed around.

    sorry. got carried away. i feel for the underdogs. am one. hahaha.

  4. the funny this is, it was the newbie who made all the ruckus and who started accusing the old-timers of being papansin....i find the mods quite pathetic...mods nga e so you shoud make sure that things don't go out of hand. Kaso hinde e, gumulo ng gumulo because the mods were not taking an active part in the forum.