Friday, October 9, 2009

Moving On...Moving Forward....Moving Mountains

Ma-react akong tao, I swear, so isang nakaka-high blood na gawain para sa'kin ang mag-blog hop at surf ng web kasi pag may nakikita akong nakakainis, naha-high blood agad ako.

Don't tell me to move on
I am still hurting
Whatever I am carrying
It's a burden you haven't seen

Don't tell me to forgive
Your daughter's life was not the one taken
My precious memories with her would never be enough
So stop telling me to just surrender

Don't ask me to forget
You haven't walked my way
Whatever I had gone through
Was only mine to suffer

You are not me
I am definitely not you
So don't ask me to see
The same hues as you do

Your experience is yours alone
As my life is mine alone
I may be witness to the same rising of the sun
But you are not me and I am not you

I believe there is a God
But such does not change the fact
That I lost a person I love
And you haven't walked that path