Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kikay Goes...Errr....Highblood?

Kung madalas ka dito, alam mong nagdo-double post lang ako pag mainit ang ulo ko.

Pacquiao won. I know. I wasn't interested actually in watching it but, what can I do? Facebook was filled with updates that watching it would seem ridiculous (for me, at least). I swore I would not write about Pacquiao anymore. Yeah, he's one of the best boxers (I still stand by what I believe in, he's not the only one and he's not a great athlete. There's a difference.) but the last time I wrote about him, his rabid fans never got past the title and started commenting about how they pity me because I'm not Filipino enough to appreciate what Pacquiao has done for the country.

Me? Not Filipino enough? If you only knew what my middle name and my lolo's middle name signify!

I'm not a Pacquiao fan, so sue me but that doesn't mean I don't acknowledge the passion in him and the brains that he and his coach has got for coming up with a good fight plan that has enabled him to win 7 titles in 7 different divisions.

Just a while ago I read something about what we will do when Pacquiao retires. I personally believe that somewhere along the way, someone will rise to the challenge and be more than what Pacquiao could be. The problem lies in whether the Philippine government would show support. As it is, I'm not entirely sure if Pacquiao's rise to fame was brought about by government support. What I do know is that Pacquiao and his manager, his coach, the people who handle his fights are not really from the government; which makes me wonder if Onyok Velasco or some other boxer would have reached the same heights as Pacquiao did if Freddie Roach was their coach.

Back to the topic:

The article was quite well-written. It even ended with a line about how the Pacquiao-Cotto fight and Pacquiao's success in winning 7 titles were stuff that you could pass down to your grandchildren with much pride. What I find appalling was how some people reacted to what was a seemingly innocent comment:

TM said that the Pacquiao-Cotto fight was a no-brainer since (as I understand it) Cotto was already sluggish from all of the dieting he has to do just to go down to Pacquiao's weight.

Now, I don't know about you but since when is voicing your opinion a basis for calling someone "stupid" and "ulol"? Since when is voicing an opinion tantamount to being an over-rated Filipino? Why the need to gang up on him? Why the need to call him a cry baby? Why the need to say that he has no brains? It might be a no-brainer fight for him because, in truth, Cotto, just like Morales, was actually slowed down by weight lost. Now, if you're going to counter that, at least give an objective answer and not resort to just calling someone stupid.