Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Believe...

I believe that:

  1. There is a God for it would take a Supreme Being to save me from that fatal accident in 2004
  2. There is magic during Christmas time because even the grouchiest person I know is all smiles during this time and, believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the receiving of gifts but with the GIVING.
  3. There are ghosts. Nakakakita ako e.
  4. There are angels for no wind can carry me nor my nephew safely to the ground tuwing mahuhulog kami sa kama.
  5. Man is essentially good except when you take away his most precious and most revered possession.
  6. True financial freedom defined as being free from any worries about what you have to pay and where you have to get your next pamasahe or pangkain is a hoax. You only stop worrying about money when you are dead. However, proper financial management is something that everyone should do.
  7. Hinde lahat ng may business ay mayaman. Minsan, palagi kang breakeven lang lalo na't nagsisimula ka lang.
  8. Lack of jobs is not our country's most pressing problem. We have lots of jobs. The problem lies in finding people qualified. Ergo, what we need is quality education.
  9. You should not use poverty as an excuse para magbenta ng laman. There are other ways to earn money without losing your dignity.
  10. The things you do today would have an impact on your tomorrow so make sure that you plan and live your life well.
  11. When all else fail, a prayer uttered from the heart can save your day.
  12. What you have, you hone it and you share it. Remember the parable of the talents? God did not give you a strong mind to keep to yourself. E di sana ginawa ka na lang nyang halaman?!
  13. Everything...EVERYTHING...happens for a reason. It might not be apparent now but soon you would realize what the reason is.
  14. The people that make up the Church are sinners since they are also human (Read: priests, popes, ministers, etc.) but that doesn't mean that the Church is based on lies. Analogy: Just because a teacher raped a student doesn't mean that all teachers are rapists and that the whole concept of education is all about sex and violence.
  15. You CANNOT please everybody. If you want to please everybody and be friends with everybody, you have to do some thinking. Uhm, baka nawawalan ka na ng sarili mong uniqueness at nakiki-ride ka na lang sa lahat ng tao. Soon, you'd find yourself being pushed aside.
  16. You CANNOT have someone forgive AND forget what you've done. God gave us the ability to hold memories so that we could learn from our mistakes - both your and the person you have offended. Whether that learning is about letting go of someone or accepting the other's shortcomings is something that you have to figure out.

Rhona po para sa pagka-Pangulo So bakit ako naglista nyan? At banal-banalan pa?! Baliw kasi 'tong si Father Anthony at si Bro at si Santino. Paiyakin daw ba ako?! Akala ko patay na si Father Anthony....sakit tuloy ng mata ko ngayon.