Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

It's already November and everyone would already be making preparations for Christmas. I was already thinking of what I would give my friends when I realized that thinking of what to give them is a hard job. A Christmas wish list would really make my work easier. SO, I made a list of what I want just in case they share the same point of view *wink *wink*
  1. An external hard drive - expensive maybe, but for someone like me who does freelance work, an extra laptop memory would not hurt
  2. Michael Buble's/ Kenny G's latest CD- it's a miracle how these guys can take away stress after a long day in front of the computer...I heart them so much
  3. Nokia E90/ iPhone - just in case they can afford it
  4. Skinny Jeans - hey, who doesn't want them free? :P
  5. Free Hair Rebond
  6. Free Body Massage
  7. Ipod Video (?)
  8. CSI/ CSI Miami/ CSI NY complete DVD collection
  9. That oDesk shirt I've been drooling on for days
  10. That CSI cap/ shirt I've been drolling on since forever

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