Monday, November 3, 2008

Are You A Freelancer?

Freelancing has been the trend lately what with the economic turmoil that most countries are experiencing. This seems to give the same quality of work without the need for additional expenses. Nowadays, when you walk down the streets, you wouldn't even realize that the kid in shirt and pants with the ipod in hand is your company's data entry specialist!

Here are some signs that would let you know if the person you're with is a freelancer:
1. Always has a laptop on hand which he/ she would open anytime he/she can find a table.
2. Drinks a lot of coffee. Being a freelancer myself, I know that two cups of coffee sometimes just don't seem enough anymore
3. Great eye bags!
4. Always has money :) especially if working for oDesk :D (hint! hint!)
5. If you're in the Philippines, you'd probably be asleep in the morning and wide awake in the evening. Talk about time difference!
6. Knows very well what Paypal, Moneybookers, SafePay, Payoneer and escrow means.

I'll update this when I see more signs but, in the meantime, why don't you share yours?


  1. hi rhona,

    i've visited your blog. it's nice, especially what you think of the freelancers.

    in your freelancing article, you could have included many other freelancing sites like elance, getafreelancer, guru, scriptlance, rentacoder etc.

    thank you rhona. be in touch.

    minhaz parvez
    dhaka, bangladesh

  2. thanks minhaz!

    i might actually take a look at those sites. i originally intended to post those sites but decided to stick with the one that i've really worked with.

    also planning to blog about those sites that you've mentioned :)

  3. oh does this mean i'm a trendsetter? :P

    what type of freelance work are you in?

    one more sign:

    as busy as everyone else or possibly busier. but lays the impression of being utterly vacant bec of the "flexible" schedule.

  4. are so right! i do freelance article writing/ re-writing/ blogging

    ....and yes, you are a trendsetter.....always is and always will be

    keep in touch!

  5. Hi Rhona,
    My last visit to your site was December,2008.
    At that tie I was a silent reader But after 2+ years I'm shouting, why you did not add more signs. Hahahhaaaaa....

    Kamrul Ahsan