Saturday, November 22, 2008

'I Need To Find Myself'

This has been making me absolutely nuts for the longest time now. Many relationships have ended because of this - the i-need-to-find-myself reason/ way of thinking/alibi/lame excuse that it has left me wondering, when someone says that they need to find their selves, where do they actually go? what do they do in order to find themselves? why has their self left them? If their self left them, won't it be better to seek the help of a psychologist?
Seriously, why go into a relationship if you are not sure of yourself? How can you love someone when you do not even know what you want?
And the most important question is, which came first, the chicken or the egg? would he ever come back when he has found himself?
Because of this quite shallow reason for ending a relationship, I have 'researched' about the different funny ways of saying 'it's over' (okay, so I got it from an SMS message, big deal!) and how to answer it:
1. I just realized that I don't wanna be attached - Ans: Okay, here's a staple remover
2. We aren't meant for each other - Ans: Yup, I'm meant for humans, you're meant for dogs
3. You're a great girl, but... - Ans: Aha! I knew it! You like guys also!
4. Our personalities are exact opposites - Ans: Yep, I have the personality of an angel and you are the devil's son
5. I need something new in my life - Ans: Get a new face
6. I still love my ex - Ans: (gasp) you mean somebody fell for you other than me? the world is coming to an end!
7. You'e too immature for me - Ans: Fine! I didn't know you were already 100 years old
8. If we are truly meant to be, it wouldn't matter if we are at opposite corners of the world. We would find each other - Ans: The last time I checked the world is still kinda round, stupid!


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