Thursday, November 11, 2010

Horse Weathervane Gallops in Popularity

Even before we had thermometers, barometers, and anemometers; and long before we had weathermen to rely on weather reports, weathervanes are already there to help in measuring the weather condition. Although weathervanes offer a simple way of seeing where the wind is blowing, it was as helpful as it can be, especially for farmers who need to know which direction their crops would most likely fluorish.

Today, we can find weathervanes everywhere. They do not just serve as weather instruments, they also take the form of decorations that give more depth and tradition to a home. They can be normally found atop cupolas, as centerpiece in gardens, and as tabletops that give personality to your interior.

Weathervanes are not just the rooster weathervanes we see on top of our roofs. They can be of other designs such as pigs, arrows, and baseball players. Horse weathervane can also be found in different forms, sizes, and materials. The most popular, however is the prancing or running horse.

The silhouettes of horse weathervane were copied from race horses with their own running styles. The Blackhawk horse weathervane is one of the most popular weathervanes in the market today. There are also other weathervane manufacturers that make their own horse weathervane variations like the horse through hoops, leaping, running, and leaping horse.

Reasons vary why this type of weathervane is popular. The most popular reason though is that there are lots of horse lovers out there; and if they will purchase weathervanes, then they will get them with horses on top. As horse lovers, it would be something that is an addition to their collection.

Apart from using them as weathervanes, you can also use them as a finishing touch to your wall. They also go well as lamp fixtures.

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