Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choose Fashion Swimwear That Will Flatter Your Body

There are three things that all women would agree about clothes and fashion. The first thing is that fashion is everything; the clothes we wear give us confidence and the last thing is that women in nature are vain and what we wear defines us. The same thing can also be said with the tiniest article of clothing that we own: swimwear.

The thing is, they do not just have to fit, they also need to be fashionable and make us look good at any angle because onlookers are everywhere. However, we cannot really look good at any angle unless we have paid thousands for cosmetic surgery. The truth is, no one is really perfect, but we can enhance our assets and hide our imperfections just the same. This can be done by choosing the right fashion swimwear that we will don once summer kicks in.

For girls who think that they are too thin wearing swimsuits, bold, bigger prints in bright colors is the answer; while smaller prints with darker colors work for women who are bigger. Prints are very powerful because they can play tricks on the onlooker's eyes, so just know the right combination of prints and colors that will work for your body type.

Larger women are advisable to wear one piece fashion swimwear especially if they have love handles they need to hide in the tummy area. Likewise, girls who have hourglass figure also look good in one piece because it accentuates their body. For women who have larger breasts, swimsuits that have bigger support on the bikini top will work so they won't look like they step out from Playboy's pages. The good thing is that Jellous, a swimsuit company, offers a vast collection of fashion swimwear that they choose from depending on their body type.

This type of fashion swimwear, however, is more on the fashion side of the fence. If you are going for a dip, then look for one piece suits and pair it with swimming shorts especially if you would be doing other activities. Your goal would have to be function over fashion. Jellous also sell these kinds of stuff.

Finally, do not just opt for a swimwear company that you have heard of. Aside from malls, online shops like Jellous also have swimwear that will best fit your body. They are more affordable so you can have more than one swimwear as you please. Just remember that the most fashionable thing during summer aside from having swimwear is that you feel confident and hot on your bikini and it will really transcend into high fashion.