Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Birthday!

Nope, my birthday is not today. It's a few months from now (July 22 to be exact). But this early, I would want my friends to be ready with their gifts (nyahahahahaha), so I'm making a wishlist of some sort:

1. iPod Nano or Classic or Touch
2. HP mini laptop
3. any Christopher Pike or RL Stine Pocketbook (that I haven't read!)
4. one whole day with my special someone
5. Palm Pre

Looking back, I have a few things that I am thankful for:

1. I got to know who my real friends are
2. Talent Shout is slowly but surely making it in the US market
3. I have learned to lvoe deeply (I'm usually a spur-of-the-moment person when it comes to relationships)
4. I have surrendered myself to a higher being
5. I realized that I can do so much more if I just stop worrying about so many things.

And some things that I think I need to work on:
1. The way I handle my finances
2. My temper and how I handle my emotions
3. I need to be more assertive with how I present my objections
4. I have to remember that I am complete by myself (loko kasi 'tong si Jerry Maguire e!)
5. My workaholic nature. It's taking a toll on my body (read: thin)

So, where should I celebrate my birthday?


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  1. akala ko pareho pa tyong taurenean! june pa pala ang bday mo. infernez, ang aga ng wish list ah!

    where to celebrate? don't you want to consider paris, france? :)

    thanks for the visit and comment :)

  2. a least makakapaghanda ng gifts lahat ng frenly frens ko :)

    actually july 22 pa....nagiipon na ako for paris....siguro by 2030 pwede na ako punta dun hahahahaha