Friday, April 3, 2009

Your Own Call Center Agent For $500 Per Month

Talent Shout is pleased to be able to offer companies their own call center agent. For as little as US$500 a month, your call center agent will be able to handle both voice and non-voice based tasks for you. The call center/virtual assistant package comes with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Your call center agent will be able to handle voice account tasks, like answering calls and placing calls. Call center agents will also be able to handle non-voice account tasks such as receiving and sorting emails as well as provide chat support.

Other virtual assistance may also be provided in the form of word processing, spreadsheet creation, and transcription. Our call center agents/virtual assistants can provide valuable services without the overhead usually associated with this type of service. This is a good solution for companies who depend on being mobile which precludes the option of having a call center.

This is a valuable service at a reasonable price that Talent Shout is happy to be able to bring its clients. Having a dedicated call center agent/virtual assistant through Talent Shout can be a cost effective way of increasing your company's productivity as well as improve your professional image.


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