Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcoming 2009

It's already 2009!

With all the news about the financial crisis hitting the Philippines this year, I have decided to come up with some ways on how we can earn and save money. Here are some of them:

  • Make more money online by joining sites such as,,, etc. Keep in mind, however, that these sites do not offer easy money. You have to work hard on projects before you earn some moolah...
  • Looking for books? Try BookMooch. BookMooch allows you to give and borrow books for free. You get points every time you donate books. You also have the option of keeping the book that you borrowed for free.
  • Never be ashamed to try,, and even You could also try Clickinplaza. They do international deliveries.
  • Looking for second hand goods? Try Online Ukay and you might find what you are looking for. Delivery is free for most items.
  • If it's scrapbook items and services that you want, try Papemelroti or ScrapBook Mania. Both offer affordable materials and services.

If you have your tips and ideas, please feel free to post it here :)


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