Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fat Issues

I have just recently discovered the joys of Facebook and it has really changed the way I look at...well, at Friendster :).

While I was busy adding those applications, I saw a group for people who have been "blessed" with veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy fast metabolism. These are the same people who can eat tons of carbo and still do not add an inch to their waist. Why am I talking about this group? Well, simply because I am one of them. Ever since I was a child I have been "suffering" from this "condition". Let me enumerate the "symptoms" that I had and have been experiencing:

  • I have never tipped the scales beyong 45 kgs (except one time when I had really a LOT of coins in my pocket that it added 2 more kgs to my weight)<----btw, I'm 5'2" and my average weight is at 42 kgs.
  • I can eat as much as 5 cups of rice in one sitting (I know, I know. Diabetes might just be around the corner). In Filipino, it's known as "kaing laborer/ construction worker"
  • I'd be hungry after 2 hours max
  • I move around fast (really fast). I even talk fast (and too much). If I do brisk walking, people around me have to run in order to catch up
  • I do a lot of thinking (not necessarily about "sane" thoughts like what would have happened if Prince Charming found out that Sleeping Beauty snores)
  • I take vitamins most of the time (Propan actually just made my cheeks puffy)
  • I look like an 18-year old girl when I'm actually already 28. (Believe me, it's not good when you have to meet with CEOs)
  • My wrist is the size of my 4-year-old nephew's legs
  • I could actually show the skeletal system by just standing in the middle of a classroom, stretching my arms to my sides (ok, half joke!)

Makes me wonder if there are companies out there who would like to come up with something that would really make me fat (not waaayyyyyy fat, just fat at the right places - arms, maybe).

Just thinking aloud actually.


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