Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Writing For The Cyber World

Writing an article for the web is different from writing any other type of article. Unlike articles written in print media, articles written for the web should be as short and as concise as possible. This is in keeping with web users who are always on the go and want to get information quickly.
This being said, bullet lists are more preferred in web article writing rather than large paragraph chunks. Having lists in your articles help the user to scan it quickly and know right away if this is the type of article that he or she is looking for. Putting headings is also another way of breaking down your content into easy-to-read portions.

Also, keep in mind that flowery words have no place in web article writing. Just use short and simple words so that you will not lose your target audience when he stumbles upon an unfamiliar word.

Finally, keywords are very important. You write to be read, and the only way for your article to be read is when it is found in the first place. Keywords make your articles easy to find, and hence achieve your purpose.

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